Privacy Policy

Last Updated 04/01/2024

We at SelekIT ensure the provision of the best-vetted talent, engineers to marketers, for diverse industries. Check out our Privacy Policy to learn how we’ll take care of your personal information.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

By signing up SelekIT, you agree to our terms for Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). We keep the information you provide highly confidential and protectable. Mostly, we require 3 types of information:

  • Contact includes name, phone number, email address.
  • Professional includes resume, cover letter, portfolio link, certificates, etc.
  • Other includes any documents or details that could prove fruitful in the recruitment process


Our SelekIT team is committed to strictly following General Data Protection Regulations, making us GDPR-compliant.

Data Processing

We only process your data under three verticals:

  • With your consent
  • Adhere to contractual guidelines
  • Conform to legal requirements

Data Security

Your data stays in safe hands with SelekIT. We implement particular security measures, such as encryption and access controls, to ensure your data’s safety.

Data Retention

We reserve your information as long as you are up for any role.

Data Sharing

We may share your information with different companies/organizations that are actively hiring. Our purpose is to help you get hired instead of any commercial or selling intentions.

For Candidate

I acknowledge that all the information I have submitted is to the best of my knowledge and I give exclusive permission to represent me and submit my resume. I authorize them to conduct my background check, criminal check, credit check, and drug test at the time of extending an offer. I warrant that all of the information on my resume and those facts that I shared with them i.e; education and work experience are true that all dates of employment, degrees, and certifications are true to the best of my knowledge; and that I will provide copies of verification documents as required. I authorize Selekit LLC to submit my qualifications for this position or any other available position as per the requirements of the job and does not constitute an employment contract or contractor agreement.

Contact Us

If you have any queries regarding our Privacy Policy, don’t hesitate to contact us.